3 Famous Truck Drivers

Elvis, truck driver

Did you know Elvis was a truck driver? Yes Sir. And his truck driver salary was low - $1 per hour.

Before he became the King of Rock n’ Roll, he was hauling for Crown Electric shortly after high school, until he got a call from Sam Phllips, inviting Elvis to record at Memphis' Sun Studios in 1954.

That invitation resulted in Elvis’ first hit, That’s All Right, which catapulted his legendary singing career. Click the song to hear that famous recording.


Or how about the most famous James Bond? Yes, that’s right. Sean Connery held a job as a truck driver after serving in the Royal Navy.

Sir Connery started his acting career in 1954 and became the iconic face of the 007 series.

Having served in the military during the Cold War, I especially like Sean Connery in his role as the Soviet Union's best submarine captain in The Hunt for Red October.

Liam Neeson, truck driver, Taken, Operation Chromite

One of my favorite tough guys, , Irish-born actor Liam Neeson, also was a truck driver before he got his acting break in the 1970s. Nominated for The Academy Award for Best Actor in Schindler’s List, Liam is recently known for his role as a vengeful ex-CIA operative in the Taken series. If you want to see a realistic portrayal of a bad-ass, watch this trilogy.

Look for Liam to play General Douglas MacArthur in the upcoming movie Operation Chromite about the Korean War's crucial Battle of Incheon.

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