Drive at Night

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Traffic congestion. Weigh stations. Inspections. Waiting for fuel. Finding parking. Being a truck driver comes with many headaches and hassles that thwart your goal of a $100,000 truck driver salary.

All of these problems can be minimized by choosing to drive at night. The result is more time left for driving on your logbook and more money in your pocket to achieve that $100,000 truck driver salary.

At night, there are significantly fewer vehicles on the road, which reduces traffic slowdowns that can eat into your time and fuel efficiency. A new study published by the American Transportation Research Institute has estimated that traffic congestion costs an average of $26,625 per 150,000 miles a truck drives.

At night, with fewer vehicle to contend with, your risk of being in an accident is greatly reduced.

At night, fewer weigh stations are open, which allows you to keep cruising at highway speed. Again, this improves fuel efficiency and saves time.

At night, with fewer weigh stations open, your risk of being inspected is reduced. This saves time, fuel, and lowers the risk that an inspection will find a discrepancy that can cost you valuable time and a lot of money.

At night, when pulling into a fuel station to refuel, there are fewer trucks in line, saving you precious time.

Lastly, when driving at night you are not bothered by finding a rare parking spot for your reset. Truck stops and rest areas begin to empty out around 7 AM, giving you a greater opportunity to find a parking spot on the first attempt. Once again, you save time and fuel.

As you can see, achieving that $100,000 truck driver salary means driving smart, to include driving at night whenever possible.

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-May the wind be at your six and weigh stations closed.